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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about employment opportunities at Continental Pools.

We have been providing quality pool management and lifeguard staffing services for decades. Because we service so many pools throughout the Eastern United States, Continental Pools is capable of providing an enriching experience where our smart young professionals can interact with people from many cultures and demographics. From the cities to the suburbs, employees are placed in positions of responsibility, in which they can provide a high level of service for guests that deserve a safe place to swim. Our lifeguards serve as role models for the youth in our communities and pride themselves in making a difference.

Continental Pools employees undergo lifeguard training and recertification each year to stress the importance of safety and accident prevention. You will be trained in all aspects of water rescue, first aid, and emergency management. In order to ensure well-educated and well-rounded lifeguards at our facilities, you’ll also receive training in basic leadership skills. We are constantly reinforcing these skills throughout the summer with in-service training. Aquatic emergencies do not happen every day but, in the event that one does occur at your facility, we want you to be completely prepared for any situation. Keeping your skills sharp could change someone’s life forever.

All Continental Pools employees, at every level, focus on customer service. Communication and problem resolution is a key focus, and everyone is involved in the process. This creates a sense of unity and team spirit that is clearly visible whenever customers need us. These are just a few of the things that make Continental Pools a special place to work. If you would like to bring your talents to our team, please contact us with your information.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about employment opportunities at Continental Pools.

Get the work and life experience employers are looking for! Continental Pools gives our lifeguards unlimited opportunities to develop desirable job skills. Work ethic, Leadership, Teamwork, Time Management, Emergency Management and Interpersonal Skills are just some of the skills we provide.

Get paid to spend your summer in the sun! As a Continental Pools lifeguard, you’ll help keep swimmers safe alongside friends and your new Continental Pools family. Our season is Memorial Day to Labor Day so the timing is perfect for high school and college breaks.

  • Continental Pools understands the importance of flexible scheduling. We can adjust your work hours to accommodate any commitments, vacations or other activities you have scheduled this summer.

  • Change your schedule according to your availability
  • Choose your employment status:
    • Full-time, 40 hours per week
    • Part-time, less than 30 hours per week
    • Some-time, variable hours per week

As a leading pool management provider throughout the east coast, Continental Pools takes pride in fostering a community spirit among employees at all levels of the organization. When we all work together, our guests receive the highest level of service and safety.

At Continental Pools, you’re never alone. We make sure our lifeguards are constantly supported with whatever help or advice they might need, and they are completely comfortable with their abilities, duties and the operations of their assigned facilities.

  • 3-day certification training
  • Continued training throughout the summer
  • Site-specific poolside orientation
  • Multiple layers of supervision
  • Management can be called for assistance 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM, seven days a week, with an emergency call line after hours

Our lifeguards work closely together and perform as a team, all the while making new friends. We always provide easy access to instructors and supervisors and there is continuous hands-on training all season long.


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